Commercial/Industrial Storm Damage Clean Up & Industrial Flat Roof Snow Removal

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Aarons Asbestos & Demolition Services Inc. is your most reliable commercial and industrial storm damage cleanup and Industrial flat roof snow removal contractor in the Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey areas.

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Commercial Storm Damage

Commercial Storm Damage

Don’t let  storm damage hamper your operations.

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Flat Roof Snow Build Up? Professional Emergency Snow Removal to Prevent Personal Injury and Property Damage

Industrial and commercial buildings are more susceptible to roof failure / roof damage / roof collapse or roof leaks from lack of snow and ice removal than residential buildings. Commercial roofs are typically flat roofs and in some cases metal roofing systems.  The spans are greater and the roofs are flatter than residential roofs.


Removing dangerous ice overhangs, icicles, snow from on top of the ice, and making drainage paths may be all that is needed. However, if you have a flat roof system or a metal low slope roof system that has large roof spans, you will need to lighten the roof load.

Shed Roof Coll

Due to fatigue factors, the amount of time snow and ice stay on the roof has a lot to do with load capacity. Roof collapse can occur easily on roof systems  if left for long durations, especially on flat roofs with large spanning beams.

A “safe” amount of snow or ice on a roof is really about half of the recommended maximums if the snow or ice will be there for a long period. When the ice and snow start melting, be sure a professional roofing contractor or a maintenance person is regularly checking the internal drains or scuppers ensuring the water is flowing down drains. Otherwise, your flat roof can fill up like a bowl.

Flat Roof Snow Removal

There are a significant number of considerations when removing snow from a flat roof. The main goal remains safety.

To achieve this, you have to be very careful to follow sound structural engineering practices when clearing a snow and ice load on a large roof span. An unbalanced roof can collapse. At a minimum structural damage can occur.  If in doubt, check with your structural engineer.

Use our experienced professional snow removal teams to quickly mitigate your risk.

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