AADS management team has over 50 years experience in the Asbestos and Demolition industry.

We provide safe, effective, reliable and compliant Asbestos and Demolition services in the mid-Atlantic region.

Safe Asbestos and Demolition Services

Preventing accidents in the course of completing our contracts is of primary importance to everyone connected with the contract. It is especially relevant that people cause most accidents. Accidents cause human suffering, increase costs, and delay completion.

Aarons Asbestos & Demolition Services, LLC (AADS) and all levels of supervision are responsible for the safety of its employees. Management accepts this responsibility and assures compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local safety requirements.  Management feels each employee plays an important part in the safety program. As a result, all employees must give their full cooperation to assure their safety and protect property. The job superintendent is responsible for the safety of the employees on his project. In addition, he receives advice and help from the Safety Director. This ensures that all employees are given full protection against injuries and illness in the field of construction.

To complete the job safely and efficiently, AADS has a safety indoctrination program for all new and existing employees to make sure they understand safe working practices. As a result, the Safety Program includes safety rules, identification of safety hazards, and process improvement measures for Asbestos & Demolition.

Effective Asbestos and Demolition Services

AADS-LLC’s Asbestos Abatement Statement of Procedures (SOP) describes the methods that we use to remove and dispose of asbestos-containing materials (ACM’s). Asbestos removal activities are phased throughout each project based on material location. Therefore, work usually begins on the upper level and progresses to the lower level. We construct removal negative pressure enclosures  on each level based on asbestos locations. We remove all present asbestos containing material within the negative pressure enclosures. All additional asbestos containing materials found outside of containment areas are glove-bagged or removed as complete components. Then, we bag these for proper disposal.

Reliable Asbestos and Demolition Services

We use defined methods and procedures for asbestos and demolition services. This allows us to reliably complete the work. It also provides the foundation for an improvement of our processes. We do not promise what we cannot deliver either in the technical performance of activities or in schedule or cost.

Compliant Asbestos and Demolition Services

The Asbestos Abatement and Demolition industries are highly regulated. AADS-LLC people are expert in complying with federal, state and local Asbestos and construction/demolition regulations. Compliance provides benefits to both the customer and AADS-LLC. We do not cut corners in compliance. However, our defined methods and processes allow us to fully comply at the lowest cost while providing the best schedule.

Aarons Asbestos & Demolition Services, LLC, 1005 Pontiac Road, Suite 373, Drexel Hill, PA 19026 ------------ (484) 535-1270
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